Motor exercise allows you to consume more but increases the appetite stimulus.

If neglected, this drawback could lead to the same difficulty in staying at the table or (eating more) even an entire caloric balance.

Of course, the sport has the enormous advantages of improving the general psycho-physical condition and preserving – especially strength activities – the tropism of muscle mass.

In excess, however, it can also:

  • create high physical fatigue;
  • compromising muscle mass instead of maintaining it;
  • require a time commitment that is difficult to cope with;
  • in some cases, even increase psychological stress.

If the primary objective is weight loss, sports must take a back seat, adapting to specific needs (improvement of metabolic parameters, recovery of muscle function, etc.) and subjective attitudes (tastes ).

It is different for the bodybuilder in definition who, while seeking the reduction of fat mass, must, in parallel, keep lean mass as intact as possible. Ergo: muscle training remains fundamental.

Let’s say that, in principle, and anyone is advised to do at least 3-4 workouts a week.

The training volume ranges from low to medium (40′ to 60′), also depending on the intensity (percentage of the maximum exercise capacity) and density (ratio between exercise and recovery within the session).

The interval exercises typical of bodybuilding, even if at high intensity and medium effective volume, can occupy a lot of time because they are characterized by significant recovery between sets (the effective volume in terms of TUT or rep, therefore, must be evaluated).

It would be different if we were talking about metabolic workouts, such as those of CrossFit, which impose very low volumes in a low-calorie diet.

These can be composed of:

  • only aerobic activity if the calorie cut is modest and you simply want to lose weight;
  • 2 sessions of muscle building and 2 of aerobic activity if the calorie cut is medium and you want to maintain muscle tone;
  • if the calorie cut is high, it may be advisable to eliminate aerobic activity and focus only on strength exercises to keep performance unchanged.

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