There is no real diet for those who work out in the gym. We cannot talk about diet, but we must refer to a correct lifestyle and a healthy diet. Those who train periodically and have specific goals must know what to eat and what not to eat to pursue their goal and maintain the efforts made during the various exercises. More than training is needed to have a sculptural physique. Success is also achieved with some sacrifices at the table, but above all, by following a balanced diet. So what to eat? The diet, or rather the diet, varies from person to person. Many variables come into play. Your constitution and needs depend on the life you lead, but also intolerances, allergies, tastes and the goals you pursue. The diet of those who simply want to lose weight is certainly different from that of those who, on the other hand, want to increase their muscle mass.

To advise which diet for those who go the gym to follow are, above all, the experts in the sector. Better to avoid DIY. You need to know your calorie needs, which foods to cook and get the right portions. In addition, there is a high risk of following an incorrect diet by changing the diet according to last-minute needs, indulging in excesses in a few days, and fasting afterwards in the grip of guilt.

Valid Advice For Everyone: Correct Nutrition For Those Who Work Out In The Gym

Some general guidelines on diet for those who work out in the gym are valid for everyone. Which? First, following a diet, as we have already said, is healthy and balanced. The advice is to keep sight of what we like and give the palate moments of pure pleasure. Personal tastes can be respected while eating properly.

Experts also advise never to skip any meal; on the contrary, make the three main and two snacks to break up the day. One in mid-morning, the other in mid-afternoon.

Any other suggestions?

  1. Better to eat foods rich in proteins, such as meat, fish and cheese. To be avoided, however, are the sausages and fatty cheeses. White meats, on the other hand, are preferable to red ones. Why choose proteins? They are the ones that help the muscles to recover faster after each effort and to grow as we wish.
  2. Prefer low glycemic index carbohydrates
  3. Choose fruits, vegetables and legumes rich in fibre,
  4. Limit sugars and saturated fats as well as table salt.

Diet And Gym: How To Increase Muscle Mass

In addition, there are no indications for a diet for those who work out in the gym that are equally valid for everyone. The diet varies according to gender, age, the type of training followed and one’s goals.

An example? A man in his thirties who trains hard four times a week for about 90 minutes should alternate between lunch and dinner:

Grilled chicken, turkey, legume or vegetable minestrone, rice, hard-boiled eggs, natural tuna with vegetables such as boiled zucchini or rocket salad dressed with a drizzle of oil.

At breakfast? The advice is to alternate, day after day: partially skimmed cow’s milk, rusks, oats, jam, rye bread and an apple.

In snacks? Almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, raisins or protein bars.

Proper Nutrition For Those Who Go To The Gym: Before, During And After Training

The diet for those who work out in the gym must always include ad hoc snacks before, during and after training. Everyone agrees that eating the right things to recover energy and help the muscles to the fullest is extremely important.

In this sense, supplements, protein bars, or dried fruit aid. Immediately after a hard workout, you can eat hummus, wholemeal crackers, dried fruit, pistachios, cheese, a boiled egg, and 100% wholemeal bread.

Finally, on days when you don’t train, the diet for those who work out in the gym includes chopped pistachios in yoghurt, cereals, salads or smoothies, Greek yoghurt and berries, sliced ​​turkey and vegetables or wholemeal crackers. In short, nothing: pizza, beer or ice cream. This would risk destroying everything.

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